Being Prepared is Having a Plan

  • Weekly Inspections

It is a good routine to visit your generator weekly to do a visual inspection. Many times, generator failures can be simple problems. Look for alarm lights, leaks, or obstructions. Verify your engine heater is functioning properly and your batteries are less than 3 years old.

Click here to request a copy of our weekly inspection list. 


  •  Exercise your Generator

 Exercising your generator at least monthly will give you peace of mind and alert you to possible issues before you have an outage. 


  • Fuel Level and Stability

Stability of stored diesel fuel has become a growing concern. Fuel manufacturers have made it clear that the shelf life of new fuel is six months or less if not maintained. The characteristics of fuel have changed dramatically. It is important to test your fuel to know when it needs to be cleaned and treated.

Click here to learn more about maintaining your fuel. 


  • Preventative Maintenance Plan

Our inspection checklist will give a detailed report of your emergency system which allows you to trend and predict generator performance concerns. These plans also include manufacturer recommended maintenance. 


  • Load Bank Testing

Loadbanking is the only safe way to ensure generator maximum performance. At a minimum, it is recommended to load bank your generator every three years.


  • Generator Failure Plan

Should your generator fail during a power outage, having a plan is important. With proper equipment installed, down time can be reduced significantly should you need a rental generator.