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The GenServe/Dynatech Team is commitment is to provide our clients with the highest quality product service and support throughout the entire life of their client’s power equipment. Hear for yourself what our customers say.

GenServe/Dynatech service and support is available for routine and scheduled maintenance, as well as for emergencies 24/7/365. GenServe/Dynatech Technicians are factory trained and certified to service and maintain peak performance of your generator system. The GenServe/Dynatech fleet of service vehicles carries a full line of parts to avoid the cost of multiple visits.

The GenServe/Dynatech service department goal is to be the “best power equipment service team in the nation”. The GenServe/Dynatech team of Power Technicians have the skills, knowledge, and engineering expertise to handle the most difficult problems. GenServe/Dynatech is able to custom-design, repair, and service any manufacturer’s power equipment with our mechanical and electrical capabilities.


24/7/365… Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, GenServe/Dynatech Technicians are committed to deliver experience and capabilities that are unmatched in the power industry. GenServe/Dynatech factory trained and certified Power Technicians are well equipped to keep our clients operating 24/7.


“Are you ready for your next Building Inspection?”

Regular load bank testing is the only way you can make sure your power system will operate as specified when you need it most. Load bank testing reduces the risk to the critical facility load of total loss of power and loss of quality of power. Critical application of power such as hospitals, health care, computer data center, production facilities or just your home power system has created the need to maximize the quality and reliability of systems.

Load bank testing of generators keeps the generator ready for emergencies and provides you with the peace-of-mind that your generator will deliver to the rated level.

Written test results are furnished along with any recommendation for repair. Load Bank Testing allows a power system to be tested and exercised under load to verify its overall reliability to perform in an emergency power situation. It tests a generator set engines ability to produce its rated kW/hp and the generator’s ability to produce kVA. It confirms the generator set’s ability to come up to full load and stay there without overheating or shutting down.

Such testing also includes evaluation of other critical engine system specification such as oil and fuel pressure to make sure the engine is well lubricated and gets enough fuel to produce the power required.

It is important that any equipment test is done with a real load attached to your generator in order not to damage your generator set while testing it. GenServe/Dynatech Load Bank Testing will prolong the life of your power equipment and reduce the risk of unnecessary engine or generator failure.


GenServe/Dynatech’s Generators Fluid Analysis Program is a thorough, reliable and effective early warning system to see what is going on inside your equipment. GenServe/Dynatech uses only labs with the cutting-edge technology to detect potential problems before they become major failures.

Fluid Analysis Program provides the following benefits:

  • Early detection of any problems in order to prevent major damages to your equipment.
  • Downtime of your equipment is scheduled so your production process will not be interrupted.
  • GenServe/Dynatech’s Fluid Analysis Program also allows for a better overall evaluation of your equipment.
  • The continuous monitoring of your equipments’ fluids will allow you to develop a complete history of your engine and generator set.
  • This is a major advantage when planning for your budgets or replacement of your equipment.

GenServe/Dynatechcan build a service history of your equipment that will give you insight into the state of your equipment and will enable you to better plan for utilizing your equipment.


Minimize costly downtime and unplanned failures.

GenServe/Dynatech offers maintenance agreements (link to doc) that can be tailored to our client’s unique requirements, wishes and budgets.

GenServe/Dynatech offers planned maintenance services in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations to insure your system operates at peak performance and efficiency. Full reports are sent to the client to document work executed and test results highlighting any potential problems that may result in costly downtime or loss. Remote control and monitoring systems are available.

With the growing demand for professional maintenance and service in today’s mission critical environments, GenServe/Dynatech factory trained and certified Power Technicians are well equipped to undertake our client’s power equipment challenges to ensure your peace-of-mind. The GenServe/Dynatech Technician Team executes extensive maintenance on all aspects of diesel, natural and propane gas powered electric generators.

GenServe/Dynatech makes it possible for our clients to partner with a single vender to look after their complete power system with equal expertise in both mechanical and electrical disciplines.


Why should I invest in a maintenance agreement?

Installation, Start-Up, Preventative Maintenance all performed by a trained professional. GenServe/Dynatech Technicians are trained by factory personnel and are experienced with all equipment, procedures and policies.

Do generators require periodic preventive maintenance to ensure long-term, trouble-free operation?

Absolutely. Batteries, engine oil, anti-freeze and belts are all subject to deterioration, not only from generator operation, but in time itself. Oxidation, corrosion, separation and fatigue are all factors that jeopardize your power system’s operation. Oil changes, fuel and oil filter replacement, air cleaner inspection and anti-freeze checks are very important.

Does preventive maintenance save me money?

Absolutely. Early detection can help you identify small problems before they become major repair costs. Spark plugs, hoses, ignition systems, batteries, belt adjustments and exhaust checks all required maintenance performed by the GenServe/Dynatech Team of experienced Power Technicians.

Does maintenance insure me of electrical power when you need it?

Absolutely. In an emergency, the cost savings when powering your sump pump, furnace or refrigerator can be lost if the generator system is not properly serviced. Remove any doubt or worry when your generator system is maintained by the GenServe/Dynatech Technician Team.

Does a maintenance agreement impact warranty coverage?

Absolutely. Proof of regular maintenance by a qualified generator company will have a significant impact on generator manufactures when settling on warranty repairs.

The warranty on any generator system depends on proper installation and maintenance. Count on GenServe/Dynatech to ensure your warranty provisions are always met. GenServe/Dynatech’s Service Department maintains permanent record of all service repairs performed available to you when needed.

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