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DynaTech Generators is Here to Serve Your Emergency Power Needs

DynaTech Generators serves our customers and furthers Christ’s Kingdom through the sale and support of Emergency Power Equipment:

  • Providing outstanding service to emergency power equipment owners
  • Selling a comprehensive range of quality power products
  • Supporting all markets above 10kW where uninterrupted power is critical
  • Maintaining continual education of technical staff to serve our clients
  • Being responsible to Christ for our actions and relationships.


We provide sales, service, rental, load testing and maintenance agreements of all emergency power equipment manufacturers.

DynaTech Generators— Emergency Power Specialists

About DynaTech Generators

Headquartered in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, our friendly employees generate many smiles by handing out samples of a local specialty, Lebanon bologna, as the company’s unique and whimsical calling card to clients.

DynaTech Generators is serious about delivering exceptional service and has the “know how” to meet every backup power need. To achieve and maintain its corporate vision and stay on the cutting-edge of today’s technology, the company provides each and every power technician with bi-weekly training. This commitment to continuous technical education is the reason why DynaTech Generators is called “The School of Power… Empowering People to Power the World.”

Our employees feel honored to be part of a team that values partnerships above all else as they help fulfill the company’s Christ-centered vision. Folks who have chosen a career with the DynaTech family take great pride in their dedication to being responsible for their actions and how they influence their relationships with others. Lyndon Risser, CEO of DynaTech Generators, has this to say:

“We value teamwork here… we share information, collaborate, and support each other in balancing family and work. We celebrate our individual and team successes together.”

School of Power

Our team is in the business of helping others first and that attitude spills over into our commitment to community support. I-TEC, a Montoursville-based non-profit organization, is a mission partner that the entire DynaTech Generators team supports. I-TEC is a non-denominational ministry utilizing volunteers to meet the technical needs of missions worldwide, and they actively support local and international disaster relief efforts as well. Throughout the year, donations of equipment and labor help to fulfill both I-TEC’s and DynaTech Generators visions. Learn more about the wonderful work of I-TEC at www.itec.org.

Why Choose DynaTech Generators as Your Emergency Power Specialist?

Guided by old-fashioned values and traditional Christian principles, DynaTech Generators is more than a business that offers impeccable service to its customers—it is also a dedicated outreach partner that strives to give back to the communities in which it operates. For the folks at DynaTech Generators, it’s not just about the bottom line… it’s about making the world a better place.

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Confidence to those that have it!

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