GenCare Maintenance – Our Generator Maintenance Program

DynaTech’s GenCare Generator Maintenance Program is available any make or model of power generator. The GenCare program is designed to keep your power generator in optimum condition and give you full assurance of a reliable backup power 7/24/365.

GenCare Plan Options

GenCare Maintenance Program is available with different service intervals to meet your specific need:

  • Silver Annual maintenance performed once every 12 months
  • Gold Semi-Annual maintenance performed once every 6 months
  • Platinum Quarterly maintenance performed once every 3 months


GenCare Generator Performance Tests & Inspections

Keep your generator in perfect working condition. The GenCare Maintenance Program consists of the following:

Cooling System:

  • Check for proper block heater operation
  • Check coolant level (Includes adding up to 2 gallon to fill to proper level)
  • Check coolant for proper freeze protection
  • Check coolant for proper PH (Includes adding up to 1 pint of conditioner as needed)
  • Replace coolant filter annually
  • Visual inspection of radiator for leaks
  • Inspect radiator cap for cracks and leaks
  • Check coolant hose condition
  • Check engine belts
  • Inspect water pump for signs of leakage

Starting Battery System:

  • Check and record battery charger float voltage
  • Record battery installation date
  • Visual inspection of battery condition
  • Check and tighten cable connections as needed
  • Check electrolyte level in battery
  • Check and record minimum dip voltage while cranking
  • Test and record battery cold cranking amp output
  • Check charger output current

Fuel System:

  • Test day tank pump for proper operation
  • Check condition of flexible fuel lines
  • Check fuel injection pump for leaks
  • Check vents on gas regulator for obstruction

Engine Ignition System:

  • Check distributor cap & rotor for signs of damage
  • Check ignition points for excessive wear
  • Check high voltage ignition wires for cracks or damage


  • Check engine oil level
  • Check engine oil appearance
  • Drain and replace engine oil annually
  • Replace engine lube oil filters
  • Visual inspection for oil leaks
  • Inspect air filters for dirt and deterioration
  • Replace fuel filter annually or every 100 hours
  • Visual inspection of engine and generator mounts
  • Ensure proper operation of starter motor
  • Check governor oil level and add oil as needed
  • Check governor linkage
  • Check governor belt condition and tension
  • Check for proper governor response & stability

Operational Checks:

  • Visual inspection of meter & gauge readings
  • Check and record generator output voltage
  • Check and record AC current
  • Check and record frequency of generator
  • Check and record hours since last service
  • Check and record alternator output voltage
  • Check and record engine oil pressure
  • Check and record engine water temperature
  • Test pre-alarms for proper operation
  • Test engine safety shutdowns if accessible
  • Check intake and exhaust louver operation

Exhaust System:

  • Visually inspect exhaust system for leaks
  • Check exhaust drain valve for blockage
  • Inspect exhaust flex pipe for cracks and damage
  • Check rain cap for proper opening/closing

Additional Test Options

  • Load Bank Testing
  • Oil Analysis
  • Gas Mixture Analysis
  • Megohmeter Testing
  • Coolant Analysis
  • Diesel Fuel Analysis
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