DEP 109.708 – Safe Drinking Water – Uninterrupted Service Plan


§ 109.708. System service and auxiliary power.

(a)  System service. No later than the dates specified in paragraphs (1)—(3), a community water supplier shall submit a certification on a certification form provided by the Department verifying completion of the uninterrupted system service plan (USSP) which was completed using the USSP form provided by the Department to ensure operation of the sources, treatment and pumping facilities necessary to ensure that safe and potable water is continuously supplied to users in accordance with subsection (b) or (c), or both. A continuous supply of safe and potable water is one that meets all applicable MCLs, MRDLs and treatment techniques specified in §  109.202 (relating to State MCLs, MRDLs and treatment technique requirements) and is sufficient to maintain system pressure specified in §  109.607 (relating to pressures) throughout the distribution system.
   (1)  By August 19, 2019, for systems serving 3,300 or fewer persons.
   (2)  By August 17, 2020, for systems serving 3,301—10,000 persons.
   (3)  By August 17, 2021, for systems serving greater than 10,000 persons.
(b)  Auxiliary power and alternate provisions. System service must be provided through one or more of the following methods:
   (1)  Connection to at least two independent power feeds from separate substations.
     (i)   The power feeds may not be located in the same conduit or supported from the same utility pole.
     (ii)   If overhead power feeds are used, the power feeds may not cross or be located in an area where a single plausible occurrence (for example, a fallen tree) could disrupt both power feeds.
   (2)  Onsite auxiliary power sources (that is, generators or engines).
   (3)  A combination of alternate provisions, such as finished water storage capacity, interconnections with another public water system, portable generators and other system specific alternate provisions to meet the requirements of subsection (a).

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