Additional to your Maintenance Agreement, during your normal scheduled maintenance, you will receive our Tank Inspection Checklist and Level 1 Water Contamination Test that will include:

  • *Fuel Gauge operation and fuel level
  • Inspect the top of the tank or spill basin for standing liquid, basin drain operation
  • Inspect Fill Lid and Inspection Plate gaskets
  • Inspect Fill Cap gaskets if cracked or loose
  • Water detection and level test*
  • You will receive a Photo of your fuel compared to new fuel

Additionally, you will receive a report with any recommendations for remediation.

Your Service File will be marked to receive this FREE Inspection at the time on your scheduled maintenance.

*Keeping your tank full will minimize water accumulation from condensation

*This offer good for Signed Maintenance Agreement Customers or for any NEW Customers signing a Maintenance Agreement in this month.

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